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Low Stone Resin Trays

Low Stone Resin Trays

The Artesan Low Stone Resin Trays are designed to give the maximum Showering space possible whilst blending unobtrusively with the design of your bathroom. Although only 45mm high, it is cleverly designed for a maximum internal volume. This means that a 50mm waste can be fitted, however it is strongly recomended that you use a 'turbo' waste to remove the waste water as quickly as possible. Manufactured in the UK from natural Derbyshire Stone Resin. If you shower room requires a 'low profile' then the artesan range is the perfect choice.



Low Square Tray


760mm x760mm             £43.00 Inc VAT

800mm x 800mm            £55.00 Inc VAT

900mm x 900mm            £78.00 Inc VAT

1000mm x 1000mm        £148.00 Inc VAT




Low Rectangle Tray






900mm x 700mm             £101.00 Inc VAT                     

1200mm x 900mm            £138.00 Inc VAT

900mm x 760mm             £93.00 Inc VAT                       

1400mm x 700mm            £235.00 Inc VAT

1000mm x 700mm           £107.00 Inc VAT                      

1400mm x 800mm            £238.00 Inc VAT

1000mm x 760mm           £106.00 Inc VAT                      

1400mm x 900mm           £241.00 Inc VAT    

1000mm x 800mm           £109.00 Inc VAT                      

1500mm x 800mm           £244.00 Inc VAT 

1100mm x 760mm           £119.00 Inc VAT                      

1500mm x 900mm           £244.00 Inc VAT

1100mm x 800mm           £119.00 Inc VAT                      

1600mm x 800mm           £244.00 Inc VAT

1200mm x 700mm           £119.00 Inc VAT                      

1700mm x 700mm           £250.00 Inc VAT  

1200mm x 760mm           £119.00 Inc VAT                      

1700mm x 760mm           £256.00 Inc VAT

1200mm x 800mm           £119.00 Inc VAT                      

1700mm x 800mm           £268.00 Inc VAT




Low Quad Tray

800mm x 800mm          £91.00 Inc VAT

900mm x 900mm          £108.00 Inc VAT

1000mm x 1000mm      £119.00 Inc VAT





Low Offset Quad Tray

900mm x 760mm           £126.00 Inc VAT

1000mm x 800mm         £161.00 Inc VAT

1200mm x 800mm         £202.00 Inc VAT

1200mm x 900mm         £209.00 Inc VAT