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Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower





   Thermostatic Bar Shower






The Thermostaic Bar Mixer Shower is a surface mounted bar type shower valve with adjustable riser rail and a multi-funtion rub clean handset. Soap tray & hose retainer included.

This shower also comes with a Fast Fit fixing system which enables rigid fixing of the exsposed shower valve to 15mm pipework protruding through cavity work surface.

Manufacturers 5 Year Guarantee

Valve information

Valve type: Thermostatic

Operation: Dual Control

Connection Inlet: 15mm Compression

Connection Outlet: G 1/2 "

Working Pressure Range: 0.1 - 5.0 Bar

Flow rate: 5.8  l/m open outlet (without hose)

at 0.2 bar

Plumbing system: All, preferably balanced

Temperature: 38°C safty stop

Surface mounted: Yes

Recessed: No