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Salamander 2.0 Bar Twin Shower Pump

Salamander 2.0 Bar Twin Shower Pump

The Salamander 2.0 Bar Twin Shower Pump is a tough and robust choice, giving you 75ft Head (2.1 bar). It is made in Britain and is a WRAS approved product.

If your home has low water pressure installing a shower pump to your existing shower can provide the extra boost you need for a better shower experience.

A shower pump can be fitted with a mixer shower to boost water flow and as with power showers a shower pump will need a committed water supply and should be fixed to the water supply before it reaches the mixer valve, however they should NOT be connected to a combination boiler or the mains water supply.

The Salamander 2.0 bar Twin Shower Pump has a twin impeller for boosting two water supplies.

 Producing up to 35 litres per minute flow.


* Quick and simple, easy to fit pump with push fit AV couplers

* Noise and vibration reduction technology

* Solid state switching technology giving you a reliable, consistent and fast switch on

* 'MPI' Motor pump integration which is a compact size, aids cooling and is more reliable

ONLY £161.00 inc VAT