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Showers and Trays

Prestige2 Double Door Quad Enclosure 900mm £548.00mm Inc vatWe can supply a large range of showers, Hudson Reed, Ultra, Bristan, Mira, Galaxy and many others please contact us for prices and availability.We can supply 'standard height' and 'low' Stone Resin Shower Trays which are a solid stone resin or Merlin Shower Trays which are still stone resin but have the advantage of adjustable legs and a plinth allowing the waste to run away at floor level. We also do a low profile tray at a height of only 45mm which is also available with adjustable legs if needed. We also do a large selection of shower cubicles including Simpsons, G, Coram, QX, April, Kudos, Manhattan and many more please ring for prices and availability.