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Towel Rail Heating Elements

Towel Rail


When you want to heat your Towel Rail during the summer months (when your cental heating is switched off) you can add a Summer Heating Element to your Towel Rail

See the size of element needed alongside the towel rail on the flat and curved towel rail pages




Summer Heating Element without temperature control   

150w    £32.50  Inc VAT

300w   £32.50  Inc VAT

600w   £32.50   Inc VAT



Summer Heating Element with temperature control        

150w   £74.00   Inc VAT

300w   £74.00   Inc VAT

600w   £74.00   Inc VAT

 If you require an ALL ELECTRIC Towel Rail (not conected to central heating) we can convert any of our Towel Rails to ALL ELECTRIC for you. To price up you would need to add the price of the correct size WITH  temperature control Heating Element for your chosen size of Towel Rail (see towel rail pages for size) and £40.00 Inc VAT for the cost of filling the towel rail with glyco oil and fitting the element to it.