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Solid Fuel Stoves

We now offer a large range of Solid Fuel and Wood Burning Stoves available from the popular manufactures Dimplex, Hamlet, Monarch and Valor.

Most of the Stoves are Multi Fuel (Solid Fuel and Wood) compatible, some are for Wood only. Please see the symbols alongside the picture of your chosen Stove where it will also be indicated if it is Chimney compatible and whether it is suitable for use in Smoke Controlled Areas.

When choosing a Stove, advice from a qualified installer should always be sought before committing to your final purchase.

We can put you in contact with local registered installers should you need them.

The Stoves take two working days to be delivered to us. You can then collect the stove from our shop or we can arrange a 'local' delivery to you for a small fee.

Langbrook SE Stove, Westcott 5 Stove, Westcott 5SE Stove

Westcott 8 Stove, Westcott 12 Stove, Westcott Inset Stove

Camborne Deluxe Compact Stove, Camborne Deluxe Small, Cambrone Deluxe Medium

Camborne Deluxe Large Stove , Hardy 4 Stove, Hardy 5 Stove

Solution 5 Stove, Solution 5 Inlet Stove, Solution 7 Stove

Solution 7 Inset Stove, Solution 9 Stove, Solution 11 Stove

Solution DEFRA Stove, AX1 Stove, AX2 Stove

AX3 Stove, AX5 Inlet Stove, AX6 Inset Stove

Baltimore Stove, Brunswick Stove, Ridlington Stove