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Calor Gas

 We stock the most popular sizes of Calor Gas.

Prices including VAT for GAS REFILLS are as follows.

We can deliver locally for a small additional charge.


BUTANE GAS                PROPANE GAS                   ALFRESCO GAS

4.5KG  £16.25               3.9KG        £15.49            5KG Patio Gas      £21.25

7KG     £21.99               6KG           £20.25            13KG Patio Gas    £28.75

15KG   £33.75               6KG Lite   £23.25                                   

                                     13KG         £26.25

                                     19KG        £36.75


'The Refill Agreement Charge'

All cylinders above @£39.99 Inc VAT

except the 6kg Lite @ £44.99 Inc VAT

This charge applies if you DO NOT have an empty cylinder to exchange for a refill