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The Serenada Bathroom Suite

The Serenada Room Set.

Serenada Funiture Room Set. The Serenada Bathroom Suite is manufactured by Vitra and is a low key country style reinterpreted for contemporary lifestyles.The basin is available in two sizes a large 600mm x 480mm and a smaller 450mm x 364mm size for the more compact bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom. The Serenada is also made with a  Semi-recessed basin and a Back to Wall Pan and seat suitable for bathroom furniture.We have the Serenada Suite on display in our showroom prices start from £844.82 Inc vat for the complete suite including an Acrylic Bath,Taps,Wastes,Panel for Bath and Seat why not pop in and have a look?.

Serenada 600mm x 480mm basin & pedesteal £121.55 Inc vat.     Serenada toilet complete with dedicated seat £279.65 Inc vat.

Serenada back to wall pan with dedicated seat £178.50 Inc vat.     Serenada Semi-Recessed Basin 560mm x 480mm £106.25 Inc va

Serenada Bidet £119.00 Inc vat.     Serenada Small 450mm x 365mm Basin & Pedestal £112.20 Inc vat.